What are the Types of Screws Available?

Screws are all engineered for various objectives. It is the finest practice to utilize a timber screw for wood as an example because it was developed to have the ideal keep in timber applications.

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  • Concrete Screws

Concrete Screws are identified by their blue layer which safeguards them in rough conditions. They cut strings into concrete, as well as are utilized to secure materials to bricks, blocks, or concrete.

  • Deck Screws

Deck screws include a type 17 notched factor for getting rid of chips of timber to make it simple to set up in wood, as well as composite deck products.

  • Lag Screws

Lag screws, called lag bolts, are big timber screws with threading that expands all the way up the shaft.

  • Self-Drilling Screws

Self-drilling screws are screws with a self-drilling or TEK, which indicate pierce with 20-14-gauge metals. The greater the TEK number, the bigger the drill indicates to pierce heavier scale steels.

  • Sheet Steel Screws

Sheet steel screws have sharp lower threads that cut into the plastic, sheet steel, or timber. They have a completely threaded shank, as well as in some cases have a scratched point at the tip to aid in chip elimination throughout thread cutting.

  • Timber Screws

Wood screws are partially threaded with large cutting threads and a smooth shank. They are designed to glide through the top item of wood and tightly pull all boards with each other. A Deck Screw is a range of timber screws.

Screw Drive Styles

There are several screw drive designs available relying on the type of screw being set up. The four most preferred styles for screws are the following:


A straight line lowered into the center of the head.


The most usual drive design. Formed like a cross.


A square shape stands up to removing out.


TORX drive also referred to as star drive, is thought about as the least likely to strip throughout a proper installation and supplies a more ornamental drive finish.

There are lots of other head types including inner hex, as well as various other extra specialty heads called safety heads which include spanner, TORX with a pin, Philips with a pin, as well as many more.