Things to Do Before Listing the Condo in Ratchayothin area For Sale

The moment you put the condo on a listing site, you can expect lots of calls and queries along with frequent visits from potential buyers. Each visit is important and will help in selling off the property quickly. However, before putting the condo on the listing sites, you have to do a few things as a part of preparing the space for sale. Owning a Condo in Ratchayothin area [คอน โด ย่าน รัช โยธิน, which is the term in Thai] can turn out to be a profitable matter if you can manage to sell it off at a high price. 

Opt to neutralize

The first thing that you have to do is to neutralize the appearance of the condo as a part of decluttering the interior. Don’t forget to remove all the personal photos and memorable items from the space, as these can prevent the potential buyer from envisioning the space as their own condo. It is best to keep the area simple, neat, and clean. Keep enough space to allow the interested visitor to think of the space as a personal apartment. There is no need for staging the condo as keeping some amazing furniture or décor items will prevent the buyer from looking past the stuff and considering the condo first. 

Follow-up maintenance 

As you are paying monthly fees to the homeowners association for the maintenance and upkeep of the shared areas, you have to ensure that the space shows high-quality maintenance. If the management ignores some maintenance activity, do meet and request them to do so. Sometimes, a very clean garden, swimming pool, clean balconies, and gym can be the triggering factor for the sale instead of the impression from the condo. It will also help in convincing the buyer to settle for the monthly fees. The chance of striking the deal increases a lot.