Incredible islands to visit near Perth

While Perth’s isolation from the rest of Australia can make it a little monotonous at times, there is a way to escape the city without going too far. Many people choose to visit nearby Fremantle or Rottnest Island for a fun day trip or a weekend getaway, but this coastal town is surrounded by even more beautiful islands that are worth a visit.

Here is a list of some of the most amazing islands near Perth:

1. Carnac Island

Carnac Island is located just off Coogee Beach and has become one of the most beautifully secluded beaches near Perth. It can be reached on foot during low tide or by boat at all other times. There are some restrictions to visiting Carnac, such as there being no toilets and no fresh water on the island.

2. North and South Molle Islands

North and South Molle Islands can be found near the city of Exmouth and comprise two small islands that are protected by the Ningaloo Marine Park Authority. The beaches and reefs surrounding these islands are excellent for snorkeling and diving.

3. Barrow Island

Barrow Island is a nature reserve located about 150 kilometers off the coast of Perth and can be reached by plane or boat. Because it has been used as an oil storage facility, those wishing to visit need to apply for permission.

4. Cape Range National Park

The beautiful, rugged beaches of this national park are perfect for exploring and spotting wildlife. There are no shops or facilities on the cape, so make sure you have everything you need before setting off to explore its natural beauty.

5. Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island is located 120 kilometers north of Perth and is home to an abandoned whaling station. It is possible to visit the island but only during daylight hours due to it being used for defense purposes at night.

6. Dirk Hartog Island

Shark Bay is one of Western Australia’s most famous attractions, and Dirk Hartog Island is located within its boundaries. There are several tours that allow visitors to explore this national park and its inner seas.

7. Bathers Beach

Bathers Beach is a quiet, secluded beach located near Fremantle that can be reached by ferry from Perth or by car via the Causeway Bridge. There are public toilets and showers available for free and it’s a great place to relax and unwind.

8. Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is named as such because it was where Matthew Flinders landed when he first entered Western Australian waters in 1801. Located near Esperance, this quiet sand dune beach has been called the most beautiful beach in Australia and can also be reached by ferry or plane from Perth.

9. Penguin Island

Penguin Island is the only island in Western Australia that allows overnight visitors, and is home to one of the state’s largest colonies of little penguins. Visitors can bring their own tents or hire them on site, as well as enjoy swimming, fishing and exploring this beautiful island.

10. Whistlefield Island

Whistlefield Island is located just off the coast of Rottnest Island and takes its name from the twittering noise made by the many fairy penguins that call this island home. It has an area available for camping, as well as walking tracks and beaches to explore.

11. Marmion Marine Park

This national park is perfect for anyone wanting to explore the pristine waters of Perth’s coastline. There are beautiful, unspoiled beaches and four underwater parks to discover what lies beneath this artificial island.

12. Cheyne Beach

Cheyne Beach is a private beach located south of Dunsborough and can be reached only by those who live within the area or have been invited as guests of a resident. It is the only white sand beach in Western Australia and has some amazing surfing spots.

13. Samson Beach

Samson Beach is located just north of Albany and is one of the best places to see fairy penguins up close. With its own campsite, visitors are able to stay overnight during their visit to enjoy this stunning beach.

14. Woodman Point

Woodman Point is located within the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and is only accessible by private boat or commercial tours. It has a beautiful white sand beach for swimming, snorkeling, and fishing, as well as some amazing rock formations to explore.


The surrounding waters and islands of Western Australia make for some incredible experiences, all located within a relatively close distance to the capital city of Perth. Whether you’re looking for excitement or peace and quiet, each location has something unique to offer those who visit.

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