How did the League of legends originate?

The company that created League of Legends began as an indie game developer in Los Angeles. Created by Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck, the company’s first game was announced on October 2008. League of Legends was released a year later. To make League of Legends equal for all and popular at the same time, the developers decided that no monetary transaction will be entertained in the game. It will work on earned XP called Riot points which will be treated like real cash in the game. League of Legends was created to be a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements.

Free to play online globally.

Since the game is free to play online, it is accessed by millions of people online at a single time. To make the game more competitive, many lol boosting services have also been launched inthe market where the player can boost their rank with the help of a professional polo player. The game has also brought elo boosting league of legends along with it.

Types of modes in this game

The classic mode is inspired by the tower defense strategy games and offers similar gameplay where one team need to destroy the enemy tower. The objective is to destroy the enemy base and win it. You will have an army of expendable minion which act as your army against the enemy. They automatically spawn to attack the enemy through lanes. Turrets are built for a heavy fortification. Its objective is to destroy the minions before they get close tot he nexus. The Dominion mode is based on the concept of capture and hold. A team wins when an enemy is killed and its base is damaged. Now there is a new TFT mode in this game as well, which seems to be very popular among gamers and will be a permanent part of the game.