Where To Find Web Fonts To Download

If you do not know where to find fonts for your website, you should know that there are many websites where you can download letters to work on your computer and they even provide you with the code to enter them on your websites or use to design business cards (ออกแบบนามบัตร which is the term in Thai). Some of the pages to download fonts are:

Google Fonts

Google Fonts includes today more than 800 sources for open source web that you can download directly to your computer or insert into your website using the code provided by Google. If what you are looking for is not a specific web font, but you are looking for inspiration, visit the Featured section to see thematic collections of text fonts created by Google Fonts.


Dafont is a web page where you can find a multitude of fonts for web pages organized in nine major themes. You can also do a search by Authors, News, Top downloads, etc. When looking for a font, you should know what your goal is going to be, that is, for what purpose it will be used. When you download the file, a folder with a .zip format will be downloaded in which a “Readme” file will be included. This document is the one that will indicate the license of the typography since the one above the download button of the web is only an indication. If you lack this document, you can check the author’s website or contact him in case of doubt. In case of not indicating an author or license in any of the fonts.

Fonts Squirrel

In Fonts Squirrel you can also find a wide variety of fonts. Also, they show you in a list form through an icon on available license for each of them. Their licenses are ordered with the possibility of use in commercial graphics like design and decorate (รับออกแบบตกแต่งคอนโด which is the term in Thai) condo and documents if the typography would be used to include it on your website with CSS if it is possible to use it in Ebooks or portable documents or if it can be used for applications and software.