Strollers: The Different Models At A Glance

The range of different models, brands, and types are huge. Young parents, in particular, are usually overwhelmed and at a loss.

The Classic Stroller:

the classic stroller: The classic stroller offers baby protection, security, and the security that it needs on its journey of discovery. However, most models are only suitable up to the first year of life. However, as soon as the baby can sit, the stroller is still big enough and can no longer meet the requirements of the child’s new needs. Another disadvantage: strollers of this model are usually large, heavy, and bulky so that transport in the car is also considerably more difficult.

The Pram:

Combi stroller: The combi stroller combines the advantages of a classic stroller and a sports stroller. Until the children have discovered their sitting skills, they can be transported lying down. The stroller like a wonderfold wagon for example can then be converted into a sports stroller. Nevertheless, the possibility of a lying position is retained if the child gets tired by folding back the backrest and folding up the foot section simultaneously.

The Sports Stroller:

sports stroller: This model is suitable for children who are already mobile. Similar to a child’s car seat, the backrest can be adjusted here. In addition, the sports stroller usually grows with the child. That means: the footrest is individually adjustable, and the removable hood protects against sun and rain. In winter, a warm footmuff can be attached to the stroller using the belt system.


Buggy: Light, practical, and easy to pack: these attributes do justice to a buggy. Its small and maneuverable wheels can be steered well even in the narrowest of gases and are therefore particularly suitable as a “city runabout” or “shopping cart.” The disadvantage: Because of the sparse equipment, as they have to be light and maneuverable, the buggies are not as comfortable as the standard prams. Also, because of the sitting position, which is usually very upright and offers no support for the head, the buggy is not suitable for sleeping.

The Jogger:

Jogger: Joggers are the athletes among the strollers. In most cases, they have air-filled, well-sprung, and agile wheels. Joggers are particularly suitable for parents who are enthusiastic about sports who also take their offspring with them for training. Nevertheless, here too, you should be aware of the risk that although the joggers are very well sprung and can absorb blows and vibrations well, the child should still be of the age at which the bone structure is robust enough for these challenges.