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Vicky Davis, was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer turned Internet Researcher and writer. She received her training in computer programming in Santa Clara, California in mid 1970s. She worked primarily – but not entirely on IBM mainframe systems for large corporations and government entities. As an Internet Researcher, she continues to apply her Systems Analyst skills focusing her research on the revolution in government from the systems perspective. She has two websites: ' ' http://www.thetechnocratictyranny.com (newer website) http://www.channelingreality.com (older website)

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    Leland Earl Whitehouse

    We all know now with James Comey the once proud F.B.I. has corruption within it Dept. Their going after good Americans with guns because they are afraid of good Americans. What does that say for them. In Oregon Lavoy Finicum was unarmed & murdered in cold blood. The F.B.I. stated he had a gun in his left waist band. #1 he was right handed and #2 he left his own gun behind with a friend before leaving, Why would he then carry a second gun ?

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      He wouldn’t. I don’t believe he had a gun. He was in deep snow. I don’t know if you ever tried to walk in snow that deep but it’s not easy. You do lose your balance and the moving arms were to try to regain balance. I think probably LaVoy was hit on the side either with a rubber bullet or a real bullet. I think he was probably reaching to feel the area that was injured.

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        Yeah, right. That’s why he refused to surrender and kept yelling at the LEOs to shoot him. And there was a gun found in the pocket he was repeatedly reaching for. The video is pretty clear.



          You’re an idiot. Do you know how I know? Because the story you commented on is not about LaVoy Finnicum. Your comment pertains to the murder of LaVoy. This story is about Michael Emry so what that means is – is that you don’t even know enough about occupation of the Malheur Refuge and who was involved and what the aftermath was to comment on anything. An idea for you would be – go read about the story and then perhaps you can post comments without revealing yourself to be stupid.

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    You’re welcome to think whatever you want. I have no doubt that your opinion is based on the same sources as your troll buddy who commented a couple of minutes ago. Go bother somebody else. If you comment on here again, I’ll block you permanently.


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