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Vicky Davis, was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer turned Internet Researcher and writer. She received her training in computer programming in Santa Clara, California in mid 1970s. She worked primarily – but not entirely on IBM mainframe systems for large corporations and government entities. As an Internet Researcher, she continues to apply her Systems Analyst skills focusing her research on the revolution in government from the systems perspective. She has two websites: ' ' http://www.thetechnocratictyranny.com (newer website) http://www.channelingreality.com (older website)

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    I agree. “WE THE PEOPLE” (aka our government) are really in the dark and go about our merry little ways while our government (We The People) will again be bankrupt from being bankrupt next week (9/30/17). But we’ll just borrow enough money (so-called) to get us by until we go bankrupt from being bankrupt again on 12/31/17! The American Dream is just that, a dream, and reality is we are broke and more bubbles are getting ready to explode including the MOAB (Mother Of All Bubbles). World War 3 is here but it’s “mostly” a cold war, for the moment. Any day now you might wake up to a bad hair day (aka nuclear holocaust) and North Korea’s “Rocket Man” (per Trump) or “Fat Boy” (per Michael Savage) just may start WW3, since they have Russian, China, and Iran on their side at least in part.

    And the technology that is destroying our privacy (i.e. Equifax) could just be our deaths (i.e. “The Terminator” movie scenario). What will all the spy-phone texting addicts do when satellites are shot out of the skies by lasers during WW3? Wake up sheeples!

    Time for a drink!

    Rocket Man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe4PEnyVr9E

    Pissed Off And Mad About It https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQa6Z1xFq4E

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    Did you ever complete that third article about Gorbachev and the Presidio? I’ve been doing lots of research into that topic and that time period, as it relates to the long-term strategy being used by the USSR and then Russia to defeat the West, by convergence or by military takeover / destruction, as people like Golitsyn (a defector from the Soviet Union) specified.

    Natalie Grant-Wraga (specialist in understanding Soviet disinformation tactics) believed (as do I) that the Green/Environmental/Sustainability agenda was a tactic that was either created by or at least supported and/or co-opted by the Soviets as a way to hamper the industrial production of the West (EPA regulations, etc), which would in turn hamper the West’s ability to maintain a strong military deterrent force, which really is the only thing currently keeping the Communist Eastern bloc from defeating the West.

    We stupidly handed over the keys to the Presidio to our #1 enemy, because we thought we “won” the Cold War. We were hoodwinked in one of the greatest swindles of modern history.

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      I’m working on it. I no longer post on this website. I’m moving all of my articles to my website which is http://www.thetechnocratictyranny.com

      Since I wrote this article, I found other pieces of the puzzle not the least of which is Gorbachev’s New World Order speech. I agree with you and Natalie that the green agenda was a strategy to bring down our economy. Their intention was to balance production between the trade regions (NAU) = with our country being the biggest loser in the balancing process. The leadership in our country assumed that the U.S. could have a technology based future – selling efficiency imposed by software and hardware all over the world. I don’t believe they understood that you can’t just take Joe Blow off the street and train him to be an analyst, programmer, or engineer. It doesn’t work like that.

      Here is where all of my research on the end of the Cold War and the transformation of our economy is:


      I found one more speech I have to write about. It was a speech by Gorbachev on “Our Common European Home”.

      It was the media and the State Department (traitors) who created the impression that the Soviet was no longer a threat. Dick Cheney, then Secretary of Defense didn’t believe it.

      The world has continued to turn while I’m trying to write the history so I’m trying to keep up with that too so I haven’t gotten to the article specifically about the Presidio. What you can do though is to go to my old website and in the text box search on the left hand side, type in the word presidio. It will bring up a lot of articles. You can also type in Gorbachev and get some duplicates but probably some that are not included in the presidio search.


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        Thanks! Yes, I’ve already found some interesting stuff over at channelingreality – historic info that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

        Regarding “It was the media and the State Department (traitors) who created the impression that the Soviet was no longer a threat. Dick Cheney, then Secretary of Defense didn’t believe it.”….

        They didn’t create the impression as much as they were duped by Soviet strategists. If you aren’t familiar with the work of Jeff Nyquist, he has covered that topic extensively. Also, Christopher Story, who is now deceased, did an extensive amount of research on the topic.

        If you get time, please watch the first couple videos at the “Update Brazil” youtube channel. This link takes to the playlist, which plays the most recent first, so scroll down and start with #1 and #2 and then pick and choose whatever else looks interesting:


        Thanks again! I will check out your current site.

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        P.S. – when I say listen to #1 and #2, that would be playlist #63 and #62, clear at the bottom.


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