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Vicky Davis, was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer turned Internet Researcher and writer. She received her training in computer programming in Santa Clara, California in mid 1970s. She worked primarily – but not entirely on IBM mainframe systems for large corporations and government entities. As an Internet Researcher, she continues to apply her Systems Analyst skills focusing her research on the revolution in government from the systems perspective. She has two websites: ' ' http://www.thetechnocratictyranny.com (newer website) http://www.channelingreality.com (older website)

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    There are mob incited protests going on, supposedly anti-Trump and all claiming to be “anti-fascist”. Your writing clearly prove that we are under a de facto Fascist government, and anyone who even does a cursory glance of the headlines can see that also, public entities gush on about each new “strategic partnership” or agreement with some corporation, even the police departments use a corporations system in their 9-1-1 system and encryption of their trunked radio calls (APCO 25, Motorola, etc). Privatized prisons, privatized phone calls for prisoners. Privatized health care across the board, from hospitals to systems to home health care. It is in everything. The state no longer brings in the money, they are now the payers for systems that have profit making as their impetus. Profit is not “bad”, it is the basis of a capitalist system. We have a state that implements fascism with bones of socialism: those out of work simply go on SSDI for real or imagined ailments like PTSD, asthma, bad back (all things people never applied for, nor were awarded disability for in the past) If they cannot bring on communism through historical methods they do so by degrees and using any method available, this era it is through the Social Security Administration and through our education system, which is a gargantuan money pit that is largely ignored by media.

    By the way, the writing on your Read More is my favorite article you’ve written:

    “and for a federal employee to tell the Congress that they weren’t showing good faith struck a sour note. So I started watching the hearing. As I listened to the questions and Agwunobi’s answers following, I thought to myself – this guy – Agwunobi is not a doctor. I don’t know what’s going on – they’re calling him a doctor but for several of the questions, Dr. Julie Gerberding of the CDC had to answer for Agwunobi. So I did a search on Agwunobi. ”

    Love it!

    That is fascinating reading. That guy was on CSPAN and being addressed as a doctor-and he appears not to be one at all. I have a suspicion lots of non-doctors are playing one in the real world. CSPAN there are many lies to be witnessed. Ann Richard (past refugee head in US) I heard her say all refugee funding is “beautiful..” “it is all funded by donations”! In case you readers are unaware, your Federal and State taxes you pay fund the refugees. Ask the IRS if your deductions taken out of your weekly pay can be claimed as “donations” on your next year’s claims. Ann Richard said they are, right on TV.

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      That line of research was probably one of the most interesting I’ve done on any subject. It is also the one I’ve written least about for obvious reasons.

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        Well, Vicky your stuff is BRILLIANT. Absolutely brilliant. What makes your stuff so spectacular isn’t just the content but you make it interesting to the reader, because you put it into real world examples. The trouble I suspect a lot of people have is when they’re directed to where they can find this information, it is in vague theoretical planning stage (written for the plan makers, not the public) and in that newspeak that most people are not able to translate (the plan makers use words we define differently than they do) another whiz-bang thing about your writing is you’ve done ALL the research gleaning data from various sources that I or other regular people do not know where to find it, or don’t know how to find it. Vicky EVERYONE on the planet is wondering “what the hell is going on?!” and they all have conspiracy theories as to what is going on, but few know where to find the answer, they aren’t seeing the forest for the trees. Or, they aren’t seeing the trees for the immense and complex forest strategically placed to make it difficult for the average person to navigate.

        Note on refugee resettlement and this: ” institutional food preparation and communicable disease and epidemiology.” I read a Food Safety News blog post from a safe food handling industry writer that posted a study that data showed non-English speaking food handlers used unsafe food handling practices even after given the same safe food handling classes native English speakers had. Their (English as a second language persons) grasp of sanitary practices failed 60% of written and oral testing done by inspectors, these were persons given the county? or state? issued food handlers card. It was as if they could not comprehend basic sanitation in food handling. Now, of course this wasn’t a racial issue but indeed a cultural one. It also brings to mind the possibility of a trojan horse. If it can be done by accident, it can be done on purpose, just like the patients “accidentally infected” with HIV and Hep C http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/06/30/va.hospital.hiv/ and don’t forget this! a nurse, reusing syringe! incredible. Nurse not named- was licensed- who in the 1st world would re-use a syringe?? http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Syringe-TotalWellness-Nurse-Flu-Vaccinations-West-Windsor-New-Jersey-330777592.html “Total Wellness” > interesting.



          Thank you so much for your comment. I make it a point to connect the back end system with something tangible that people can see and/or that they already know. If you try to talk about systems of any kind without doing that, they have no way to evaluate what you are telling them. As you know, everything I write about is in white papers on think tank websites, on government websites, on non-profits websites, etc. They write about these things in the abstract so I try to make it real. It’s imperative that people understand these systems that have been set up. You can’t fix something if you don’t understand how it works. We have a surplus of talking heads and a dearth of thinking brains.


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