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Vicky Davis, was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer turned Internet Researcher and writer. She received her training in computer programming in Santa Clara, California in mid 1970s. She worked primarily – but not entirely on IBM mainframe systems for large corporations and government entities. As an Internet Researcher, she continues to apply her Systems Analyst skills focusing her research on the revolution in government from the systems perspective. She has two websites: ' ' http://www.thetechnocratictyranny.com (newer website) http://www.channelingreality.com (older website)

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    An example of this is given in an article critical of Banfield Pet Hospitals, a telemedical practice for vets: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-01-05/when-big-business-happens-to-your-pet “A wave of corporatization is hitting the veterinary industry, but does a one-size-fits-all approach work?” (in this article, it’s a No). Vet claims Banfield stole his practice out from under him by adhering to contract law, he’d ignored the vaccine recommendations Banfield suggested and instead he followed his own medical knowledge, probably saving a pet’s life, but cost him his practice. Great article, it’s animals but the same rules apply in human medical care. They (the doctors) need to tick off each box the telemedical office tells them to. Wait, I said “doctor”, but in real life you will be seen by a non-doctor” Physician Assistant, Health Care officer, or other such orderly. This is why we are receiving sub-standard care. They are merely following the software program’s directions, and not using their own knowledge, if they HAVE any. I learned recently that the medical schools no longer require Latin or Greek. I think the medical schools will be requiring a lot less from it’s students to graduate, as they won’t need to know anything- the software does it all for them. I am afraid for the future, we already have a population who don’t understand basic physics or chemistry (Co2 for instance) and they seem to be guided by emotions rather than logic. The Idiocracy film will be realized if changes aren’t made very soon.
    Another scam: Medicare and those Home Health agencies. How much money do they charge the taxpayer per man-hour for their work? I know they pay their health aides a pittance. The poor elderly are shunted off by their family if they have any- to get a free aide who ostensibly are to assist the elderly patient with basic human needs like bathing, help to the toilet, etc. Some of these elderly don’t need a person, some do- some use the aides as free housekeepers or gardeners (not allowed under Medicare but not strongly discouraged with the agencies, they get paid!) I find also that since the aides aren’t reimbursed through the agency or the IRS for gas to and from their patients, it can actually cost the worker more than they earn per shift. So, the agencies are in desperate need of workers because of the high turnover rate due to low wages and icky working conditions: bring in the refugees! There are more and more young male foreigners working as aides for grandma now. Do a basic google search for “aide rapes elderly” or something along those lines. Would you want your grandmother helped to the toilet by some total stranger from some far off 3rd world country? Profits to corporations at the expense of the taxpayer is FASCISM. That is the very definition of it.


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